Creating an account

Although creating an account isn’t necessary, it is highly recommended. When you create an account, you are able to save your timesheets and view their summary. You can even save your customizations and visit the My Account page.

To create an account, click on create an account. Now enter the email address and desired password in the appropriate fields and click on register. You will receive an email to confirm your mailing address. Click on the link given in it and your account will be activated.

The next time you visit the website, you can just enter the email address and password, and click on login. You’ll be able to view all your customizations as well as the My Account page.


There are four customization tabs. Here are their functions in detail.

Days and Weeks
It allows you to add days and weeks to your timesheets.
Weeks per timesheet: Select the number of weeks per timesheet. The default is one, but you can set it to two weeks per sheet if you want.

Days per worksheet: How many days do you work in a week? The default is set to 7 days/week, but it can be changed.

Name Days: How do you want your days to be named? The default format is numeric, but you can change it to names (Mon, Tue, etc. – the week begins on Monday)

The Lunch tab allows you to modify the lunch timing details.
You can select any option from no lunch break, 1 lunch break, and 2 lunch breaks. There are some advanced lunch options as well. If you have taken an unpaid lunch break, that time can be deducted from the timesheet.

You can select your overtime rules from this tab. The three options are No overtime, Overtime after 8hours/day, and Overtime after 40 hours/week. You can also select the overtime pay details. Are you paid the regular salary during overtime? You can set that in the Overtime Pay field. The default is 1.5, which means the default overtime pay rate is 1.5 times the regular pay rate. This can be adjusted according to the company policies.

Sick & Vacation
Here you can add sick and vacation hours for different weeks. These hours will be deducted from the timesheet.

Additional features
You can set the time format. The options are:

  • Default: The default settings of the timesheet
  • Military time: The IN and OUT would be in military time
  • Decimal time: Looks a bit like the default time but the output is in decimal format
  • Round to 15 minutes: The output time would be rounded to 15 minutes

Entering data in timesheets

Before you enter any data, make sure you perform the required customizations. Customizations will remove any data present in the fields. Once you’ve done the necessary customization, enter the IN time and the OUT time for each day worked.

Checking the totals

In the totals panel, you can add a note for your timesheet. When you make changes in the first panel (the in and out timings), the grand total field will automatically change to reflect the total hours worked. Once the details are entered, you can enter the hourly rate and click on Calculate. That will display the total pay. Now you can do any of the following:

  • Clear all: Clear all the fields
  • Print: Take a hard copy of the timesheets
  • Email: Email the timesheets to your inbox
  • Download: Download the timesheets to your hard drive
  • Save: Save the timesheets on the website for later viewing

My Account

You can access the My Account page only if you’re registered and logged in. On this page, you will see all the timesheets entered by you, neatly stacked in a tabular format. This can be further customized. You can arrange the rows in ascending/descending order by date or name. You can even show/hide sick and vacation hours. Once you’ve made the changes, you can download or email them.

On the My Account page, you can view the details of each entry or delete the entries you no longer require.